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Heart gives Sun to Heart

In that spirit, the core values of COR are that it will be:

Catholic distinctive, mainstream Catholic & ecumenical Christian.
Radio of high quality.
Structured with a schedule that is easy to follow, engaging its listening community in the daily life of the Church, including liturgy.

Balanced with a diversity of gender, age, geography, ethnicity, outlook in voices/music/stories.
Attractive to listeners, programme-makers, advertisers, sponsors & partner organisations & communities.
Heart Speaks Unto Heart Radio began as an initiative by volunteers to cover the Pope’s visit. Now that the radio station is part of the Universe Media Group, its core values remain the same and its name is the Latin for ‘heart’, Cor, which is also an acronym representing Catholic Online Radio and which is at the heart of that expression chosen by Newman.

It is also a contemporary expression of wonder.
John Henry Newman’s motto as a Cardinal was Cor ad cor loquitur, Heart speaks unto heart.

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This was adopted for the 2010 state visit by Pope Benedict XVI when he beatified Blessed John Henry Newman.
The new schedule of COR will be broad-casting for the third anniversary of Pope Benedict’s visit in September 2013, for the visit of Pope Francis to Assisi in October 2013, for the feast day of Blessed John Paul II in October 2013, and for the 50th anniversary in December 2013 of Vatican Two’s document on the media, Inter Mirifica, which declared that:

‘effective support should be given to good radio and television programmes, above all those that are suitable for families. Catholic programmes should be promoted, in which listeners and viewers can be brought to share in the life of the Church and learn religious truths.

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An effort should also be made, where it may be necessary, to set up Catholic stations.
“In such instances, however, care must be taken that their programmes are outstanding for their standards of excellence and achievement.’

Heart speaks unto Heart

“During the papal visit to the UK, The Universe was incredibly privileged to be able to present directly to Pope Benedict XVI a unique facsimile edition of Blessed William Davies’ instructional book

“Father Davies was a fearless and devout Catholic publisher and evangelist.

Exploring his story for the papal visit has inspired us to look at the many ways we can help deliver the message of the Catholic faith.

In this fast-moving multi-media era, an internet radio station seemed a logical step.

It has taken a great deal of hard work by many supporters and volunteers to get us to COR, but all the effort has been more than worthwhile, when you consider the significance of being able to reach, and to hear from, countless Catholics across the globe.

Joseph Kelly

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